Friday, 30 September 2016 00:00

Pisay-BRC promotes Filipino; celebrates Buwan ng Wika

To encourage the use of Filipino language and appreciation of Philippine culture among the scholars, a culminating celebration of the Buwan ng Wika was held on August 30, 2016 through the joint efforts of the Filipino Club and Pisay Performing Arts Guild (PIPAG).

The scholars wore colorful costumes representing the different culture across the Philippine islands. The classrooms were also decorated to exhibit the culture, traditions and practices of the 18 Philippine regions. The day before the Buwan ng Wika celebration was a holiday, in commemoration of the National Heroes’ Day, but most scholars opted to stay in Pisay to prepare for the much awaited event.

"The preparations for the event were sort of tiring over all, but I enjoyed it and I can say it was worth it. It was definitely an experience for me," Ely Kyle Yap of 7-Sapphire said.

Several competitions were also held as highlights of the celebration. Aside from the classroom exhibits that showcased the diverse culture of the country, there was also an event dubbed as Rampa where selected students took the runway as they portray different original Pinoy super heroes and Komiks characters like Valentina, Zuma, Galema, and Lastikman.

Nadine Iara Sabio, who played Volta and won Rampa (Female Category), said that she enjoyed the entire event. “Through the celebration of the Buwan ng Wika, I learned there are original Pinoy super heroes like Super Inggo, Komander Bawang and the likes that we can be truly proud of. I also had a chance to know more about one superhero since I had to portray her. I had so much fun portraying Volta," she added.

"Sa tingin ko, nasiyahan naman ang mga bata. Nakikita naman sa kanila. Nakakatuwa dahil kasabay ng katuwaan, napamulat din sa kanila ang kahalagahan ng wikang Filipino, ang wika natin," Ms. Erma Bue, Filipino Club adviser, stated.

(“I think the scholars have enjoyed the event. It can be seen on their faces. It is very fulfilling on our part since aside from the fun the activity has brought, we were also able to promote the Filipino language, our very own,” said the Filipino Club Adviser, Ms. Erma Bue).

According to Jeremy Baluyo, Filipino Club Vice-President, he believes that their efforts were not squandered because the program held yielded a positive result. “The goal of our activities was to promote the Filipino language to all since the Filipino language unifies our country amidst its diversity. We were glad it was a success,” Baluyo further explained.

This year’s Buwan ng Wika Celebration was based on the theme "Wikang Filipino, Wika ng Karunungan."