Thursday, 06 October 2016 00:00

G8 learns first aid, basic life support

Philippine Science High School – Bicol Region Campus’ Grade Eight scholars were seen all geared up and fully armed with bandages last September 24 – 26, 2016 for their First Aid Training led by a few volunteer workers from Red Cross.

    “In our first day, we had a lecture about the history and importance of first aid and bandaging techniques. Right after that, we had a skill activity,” Shakira Chunaco, one of the First Aid Trainee, said.

    First aid is an immediate help given to an injured person. Its primary objective is to preserve life, prevent further harm and complications, provide assurance to the victim, and find medical help as soon as possible. Improvisation is also encouraged by using the available objects in the area. Bandages are the most common material for first aid because it can cover and support injuries on any part of the body.

    “The Basic Life Support (BLS) was tackled during the second day so we were taught how to do the Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). But before that, a quiz was given to test what we had learn so far,” Chunaco added.

    When someone experiences cardiac arrest (or having no pulse and breathing), the BLS, specifically CPR, is given. That includes 30 External Chest Compression and two ventilations to be repeated five times in two minutes. To push hard and fast is a rule.

    During the third day of the training, the grade eight students’ final skill test was to save the victims of a mock earthquake. The victims were chosen from among the participants. Chunaco said this was the most exciting part for her. The set up seemed real because of the fake blood.

    Anyone can be a victim of health problems or danger and learning basic first aid treatments can prevent more serious complications even though it is not a medical treatment and by no means a replacement for this.

    The activity held was in accordance with the Grade Eight’s Physical Education and Health subject.