Thursday, 26 May 2022 00:06

Pisay-BRC hauls 16 Awards in PhiMo 2022

Pisay-BRC hauls 16 Awards in PhiMo 2022
BRC scholars won five (5) gold, four (4) silver, and seven (7) bronze awards in the Philippine International Mathematical Olympiad (PhiMO) 2022 Heat Round - Philippine Region conducted on April 10, 2022.
Dawn Elisah Teves, Jose Carlo Salazar, Ralph Richard Yanto, Jose Enrique Ramirez, and Gian Austin Janer bagged the gold awards.
Meanwhile, Alvin Ymmanuel Belmonte, Mary Esther Cale, Enrique Bausa, and John Angelo Oringo secured silver awards.
Completing the medal haul we have Hendrich Francis Bagay, Vito Pio Ravago, Eric Fabian Deiv Mendez, Vina Vissia Saez, Wystan Villareal, Marcus James Tayo, and Claire Amythess Moraña who all won bronze awards.
Congratulations students and to their dedicated coaches from the Mathematics Unit!
Text: John Richard Moreno
Pubmat: Glaiza Reobilo