Agency’s Mandate and Primary Function

The Philippine Science High School System is dedicated to providing relevant secondary education with emphasis on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics and aimed at preparing students to become globally competitive Filipino science and technology leaders and professionals imbued with core values of integrity, excellence, and service to the nation.  Moreover, the PSHS System is committed to continual improvement and compliance with existing statutory and regulatory requirements.


We are the leading science high school in the Asia Pacific Region preparing our scholars to become globally competitive Filipino scientists equipped with 21st-century skills and imbued with the core values of Integrity, Excellence, and Service to the Nation.


Advancing premier high school STEM education for the people.

The strategic goals and objectives of the PSHS System are anchored on its FORWARD framework below.


The PSHS System’s Strategic Plan for 2022-2028 and its corresponding goals and objectives are anchored on the FORWARD Framework.


Future-proof education means that the PSHS curriculum offerings will be enriched and be soundly based on the science of learning and evidence-based research. We need to embrace further technology and digital transformation. We need to rethink instructional delivery and assessment. The pandemic demands a hybrid approach to education. Future-proof education also demands that PSHS teach students analytical skills and develop their creativity to cope with the new ways of living, thinking, learning, working, and building communities through science, technology, and innovation in the digital era.

Optimum human resource development aims to help build career paths for people and solve problems that arise within the organization, moving from compliance to leadership.

Reengineering administrative processes targets to improve organizational performance by increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of processes that exist across the organization.

World-class outputs based on well-defined standards challenge us to advance our own level of quality measurement based on a prominent model of comparative measurement which we can objectively use in making judgments.

Accessible intellectual property through appropriate use for public use and economic value means that outputs of government-funded research that resulted in intellectual property should lead to commercialization or utilization for the public good.

Recognizable brand of STEM education upholds the PSHS niche in terms of quality and variety of academic offerings.

Deepening socio-emotional skills advocates the development of crucial social and emotional life skills among PSHS students, teachers, and leaders by establishing a more caring school environment and climate.