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Roquid ranks 4th in Provincial Eagle Quiz

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Kenneth Anthony Roquid, IV-Electron student,

Wednesday, 28 July 2010 00:00

Academic Programs

First Year

First Year Curriculum

Integrated Sciences 2
Elementary Algebra 2
Communication Arts I 2
Introduction to Information and Communications Technology 1
Sining ng Komunikasyon 1
Philippine History & Government 1
Foundation of Values Education 1
P.E., Health, Music I 1
Art/Drafting 1
Earth Science 1
Technology Preparation 0.5
Total 13.5

Second Year

Second Year Curriculum

Introduction to Biology 2
Inorganic Chemistry Part I 1
General Physics 1
Plane Geometry 1
Advanced Algebra I 1
Introduction to Programming 1
Communication Arts II 1
Pagsusuri at Pagpapahalagang Pampanitikan 1
Asian Studies 1
Perspective in Values Education 1
Sports, First aid and Western Music 1
Electives 2
Science Elective  
Introduction to Environmental Science/ Technology and Skills 1
Technology Electives  
Art Appreciation & Drafting using Computer-Aided Design 1
Core 12
Electives 2
Total 14

Third Year

Third Year Curriculum

Advanced Biology I 1
Advanced Topics in Physics I 1
Inorganic Chemistry II 2

Advanced Algebra and Trigonometry
Special Topics in Computer Science I 1

Asian Literature

Malikhaing Pagsulat 1
World History 1
Sports, Mental and Emotional Health 1
Research I Principles of Research 1
Electives 1
Science Elective  
Food Science  
Selected Topics in Number Theory  
Journalism I (Filipino/English)  
Selected topics in Biology  
Technology Elective  
Basic Electronics  
Networking (Cisco)  
Core 11.5
Elective 1
Total 12.5

Fourth Year

Fourth Year Curriculum Units
Advanced Biology II 1
Advanced Topics in Physics II 2
Advanced Topics in Chemistry 1
Elementary Analysis 1
Special Topics in Computer Science II 1

World Literature

Panitikang Pilipino 1
Economics 1
Recreational Activities, Social Orientation and Citizenship Advancement Training 1
Experimental Research 1
Electives 1
Science Elective  
Consumer Chemistry  
Industrial Chemistry  
Digital Design  
Visual Communication  
Cell and Molecular Biology  
Journalism II (Filipino or English)  
Selected Topics in Mathematics  
Selected Topics in Physics 1  
Technology Elective  
Advanced Electronics  
Embedded Systems  
Core 11
Elective 1
Total 12


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