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Wednesday, 26 October 2016 00:00

Pisay Bicol rules Congressional Presscon 2016

With a total of 65 points garnered in different individual and group events, PSHS BRC was declared as the overall champion of te 4th Congressional Secondary Schools Press Conference 2016 last October 12.

The said event was held at San Jose National High School with the theme, "Strengthening Freedom of Information through Campus Journlism."

In English category, winners include Andrei Jaluague (first place, feature writing); Sophia Mae Beso (first place, photojournalism); Paul Leander Borrega (first place, news writing); Guila Allesandra Bulalacao (second place, editorial writing); Kate Therese Noel (second place, science and health writing); Lawrence Christopher Bariso (fifth place, sports writing); Rochelle Sanares (fifth place, copyreading and headline writing); and Justin Conception (fifth place, editorial cartooning).

Meanwhile, the Filipino category winners were Emie Jenelle Asanza (first place, news writing); Stephanie Louise Molod (first place, photojournalism); Christina Joy Saludes (second place, editorial writing); Charlie Chris Dimaala (third place, feature writing); Denise Ibarondo (third place, sports writing); Jerome Imperial (fourth place, copyreading and headline writing); and Christine Maica Caneso (eighth place, science and health writing).

Aside from the individual events, Collaborative publishing teams for both English and Filipino category won first place.

The English team was composed of Hannah Fenina Estrella, John Kenneth Realingo, Jairus Ralf Bejer, Sophia Rodriguez, Nica Del Gallego, Mikaela San Ramon and Ian Jason Ebio.

Ariel Benjamin Olaes, John Dodi Cabug, Jude Steven Candelaria, Jeo Nicholas Zagada, Edrian Divinaflor, Noel Pitallano Jr. And Dona Aurora Leyretana made up the Filipino team.

Also, the Radio broadcasting team for English composed of Glenn Paolo Morales, Althea Mella, Justin Ashley Naval, Martha Jean Basilla, Duane Rivera, Geneva Israel and Jose Pocholo Dorongon won the first place.

The same goes for the Filipino team composed of Xavier Axl Roncesvalles, Jeremy Baluyo, Aian Anthony Baal, Grace Louchel Silvio, Angelica Primee Ador, Angelica Cielo Doctor and Patricia Noel.

The scholars with Mary Ann Templado, Jerry Noveno and Kemuel Joseph Buitizon as their coaches will move on to the division level to be conducted at Sipocot National High School on October 20-22, 2016.

Thursday, 06 October 2016 00:00

Young leaders attend Leadership Camp

“You are the future leaders of the country”

Emphasized campus director, Ms. Elsie G. Ferrer, as she addressed student leaders of this campus in the Leadership Camp and Training Workshop for Student Leaders 2016 last September 30 – October 1.

The said event, organized by Mr. Sevedeo Malate’s engineering class, aimed to teach the principles of drafting official documents and the Parliamentary procedure in conducting meetings.

Ferrer pointed out that in line with the school’s vision to be the leading science high school in the Asia pacific region, it is essential that scholars be equipped with leadership skills.

“[We aim for the] development of well-rounded individuals.” she added.

In her speech, Ferrer discussed her own three points on leadership which include the following: taking a position, being a good leader, and practicing good leadership qualities.

“Leaders start at the bottom.” Ferrer further said as she highlighted that President Rodrigo Duterte, the current head of state, also started as an SK official.

Ferrer ended her speech saying, “Always think of your country because you are scholars.”

Lectures such as writing proposals and communication letters by Ms. Mylene O. Joaquin SST III, financial reports by campus Budget Officer, Ms. Janeth A. Adan and “Role of Leaders” by campus Executive Assistant I, Mr. Jesus C. Ortinero, were conducted on the first day.

Team building activities were introduced the next day, followed by SSD Chief Dr. Joy Melga Olazo’s lecture about writing meeting minutes, and Mr. Jay P. Bassig’s Parliamentary procedure and writing resolutions.

In the afternoon, the participants divided in four groups conducted a demo of a Parliamentary style of meeting tackling different issues regarding the school.

The seminar ended with Mr. Malate’s closing remarks commenting on the success of the event.

Thursday, 06 October 2016 00:00

G8 learns first aid, basic life support

Philippine Science High School – Bicol Region Campus’ Grade Eight scholars were seen all geared up and fully armed with bandages last September 24 – 26, 2016 for their First Aid Training led by a few volunteer workers from Red Cross.

    “In our first day, we had a lecture about the history and importance of first aid and bandaging techniques. Right after that, we had a skill activity,” Shakira Chunaco, one of the First Aid Trainee, said.

    First aid is an immediate help given to an injured person. Its primary objective is to preserve life, prevent further harm and complications, provide assurance to the victim, and find medical help as soon as possible. Improvisation is also encouraged by using the available objects in the area. Bandages are the most common material for first aid because it can cover and support injuries on any part of the body.

    “The Basic Life Support (BLS) was tackled during the second day so we were taught how to do the Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). But before that, a quiz was given to test what we had learn so far,” Chunaco added.

    When someone experiences cardiac arrest (or having no pulse and breathing), the BLS, specifically CPR, is given. That includes 30 External Chest Compression and two ventilations to be repeated five times in two minutes. To push hard and fast is a rule.

    During the third day of the training, the grade eight students’ final skill test was to save the victims of a mock earthquake. The victims were chosen from among the participants. Chunaco said this was the most exciting part for her. The set up seemed real because of the fake blood.

    Anyone can be a victim of health problems or danger and learning basic first aid treatments can prevent more serious complications even though it is not a medical treatment and by no means a replacement for this.

    The activity held was in accordance with the Grade Eight’s Physical Education and Health subject.

Friday, 30 September 2016 00:00

PSHS-BRC welcomes Ina

To continue the yearly tradition of Pagsungko ni Ina, a procession and a Holy Mass was held on September 7, 2016 in welcoming Inang Peñafrancia  and Divino Rostro to Philippine Science High School - Bicol Region Campus (PSHS-BRC).

Priests and elders were present in the gathering as part of the Voyadores, a group composed of devotees of Ina. They were greeted by the PSHS-BRC family inside the school auditorium which was tainted with white and yellow motif.

When asked about his experience, Sam Francis Namata (Grade 9-Beryllium) said, "Naging worth it yung experience ko kasi yun nga, baguhan ako sa Pisay. Sinasalubong din namin si Ina sa dati kong school pero mas naramdaman ko siya ngayon kasi Campus Ministry din ako, [at] member ng Days with the Lord [kaya] nakatulong din ako sa preparation para sa celebration."

[My experience was worth it beng a new student in Pisay. We used to celebrate Ina in my previous school but I appreciated it more this year because I am a member of the Campus Ministry and Days with the Lord that’s why I was able to help in organizing the celebration.]
"It was great. I was able to witness what people normally do during the traditional Pagsungko. Ina is the Patron Saint of Bicol and I had the chance to see her and praise her for all the blessings I was given," Rhoanne Miranda, a Grade 7 student shared.

After the Holy Mass, a novena was conducted as part of the custom in celebrating Peñafrancia Festival. The said event was spearheaded by Days With the Lord, moderated by its Adviser, Mr. Vencci Conde.

Friday, 30 September 2016 00:00

Senior Citizens pay visit to Pisay-Bicol

As a way of paying forward to the community, Pisay-BRC invited senior citizens for a poverty alleviation and health program on August 31, 2016 dubbed as Busog-Kusog si Lolo at Lola.

38 senior citizens mostly from the different barangays of Goa attended the half-day activity which commenced through a free blood pressure taking and health teaching simultaneous with the registration. Meanwhile, to set the mood of the guest seniors and make them at ease, they were dared to showcase their talents, may it be in singing or dancing, for a prize. 16 lolos and lolas accepted the challenge and displayed their singing prowess and dancing stint.

Mr. Mark Del Rosario and Mr. Francis Barrio of the PEHM Unit demonstrated to the small crowd of senior citizens some simple body exercises which they can execute daily even at the comforts of their homes. The stronger seniors were also invited to participate in group and individual games that tested their flexibility and memory even at old age. Almost all didn’t want to miss the fun.

When asked about their expectations from the newly elected Philippine President, most of the seniors present are asking for financial support aside from the Philhealth benefits they currently enjoy since most live below poverty line and has no one to depend on.
Before attending the senior citizens’ event in Pisay, Lola Juana Barnido, 67, came from the Town Infirmary for a medical check-up but complained of the expensive prescriptions. “Dawa pa man ngani libre ang check-up, mahal man ang mga bulong. May reseta pero mayo man akong pambakal [Even if the medical check-ups are free of charge, I have no money to buy the prescribed medicines],” she said.

Lola Lydia Cea, 70, said that seniors’ needs are not limited to healthcare. “Dawa ang pang oroaldaw ming pangangaipo kaipohan mi pang bungguon [even our daily basic needs are too difficult to find],” she lamented. Lola Lydia lives with her equally old husband in a small hut in the outskirts of a private subdivision in Goa. She said that she has no one to depend on since her only daughter also has a family to support.  
The guest senior citizens are grateful to Pisay especially for the relief goods that were given away at the end of the program. “Dakulang tabang ini samo ta sa panahon ngunyan masakit bagang hanapon ang bagas [This is already a big help to us since life is difficult nowadays],” said Lola Amelia Macuja, 61.

There were a total of 87 recipients of the relief goods including relatives and chosen beneficiaries of Pisay-BRC employees who could not come due to either proximity or health concerns.

To encourage the use of Filipino language and appreciation of Philippine culture among the scholars, a culminating celebration of the Buwan ng Wika was held on August 30, 2016 through the joint efforts of the Filipino Club and Pisay Performing Arts Guild (PIPAG).

The scholars wore colorful costumes representing the different culture across the Philippine islands. The classrooms were also decorated to exhibit the culture, traditions and practices of the 18 Philippine regions. The day before the Buwan ng Wika celebration was a holiday, in commemoration of the National Heroes’ Day, but most scholars opted to stay in Pisay to prepare for the much awaited event.

"The preparations for the event were sort of tiring over all, but I enjoyed it and I can say it was worth it. It was definitely an experience for me," Ely Kyle Yap of 7-Sapphire said.

Several competitions were also held as highlights of the celebration. Aside from the classroom exhibits that showcased the diverse culture of the country, there was also an event dubbed as Rampa where selected students took the runway as they portray different original Pinoy super heroes and Komiks characters like Valentina, Zuma, Galema, and Lastikman.

Nadine Iara Sabio, who played Volta and won Rampa (Female Category), said that she enjoyed the entire event. “Through the celebration of the Buwan ng Wika, I learned there are original Pinoy super heroes like Super Inggo, Komander Bawang and the likes that we can be truly proud of. I also had a chance to know more about one superhero since I had to portray her. I had so much fun portraying Volta," she added.

"Sa tingin ko, nasiyahan naman ang mga bata. Nakikita naman sa kanila. Nakakatuwa dahil kasabay ng katuwaan, napamulat din sa kanila ang kahalagahan ng wikang Filipino, ang wika natin," Ms. Erma Bue, Filipino Club adviser, stated.

(“I think the scholars have enjoyed the event. It can be seen on their faces. It is very fulfilling on our part since aside from the fun the activity has brought, we were also able to promote the Filipino language, our very own,” said the Filipino Club Adviser, Ms. Erma Bue).

According to Jeremy Baluyo, Filipino Club Vice-President, he believes that their efforts were not squandered because the program held yielded a positive result. “The goal of our activities was to promote the Filipino language to all since the Filipino language unifies our country amidst its diversity. We were glad it was a success,” Baluyo further explained.

This year’s Buwan ng Wika Celebration was based on the theme "Wikang Filipino, Wika ng Karunungan."

Wednesday, 25 May 2016 00:00

Notice of Vacant Positions for DOST NCR

Please attached file for details.

Please see attached file for details.

Tuesday, 05 April 2016 00:00

Announcement for Lateral Admissions

The PSHSS is now accepting applicants for lateral admissions for prospective available slots for incoming grades 8 and 9 in the PSHS Campuses for SY 2016-2017.

Please see attached file for details.

Please see attached file for details.

APRIL 14, 2016  - 1st Batch,   Enrollees with surname that starts with letter  A– L

APRIL 15, 2016  - 2nd Batch, Enrollees with surname that starts with letter M-Y


APRIL 14, 2016  - 1st Batch,   Enrollees with surname that starts with letter  A– L

APRIL 15, 2016  - 2nd Batch, Enrollees with surname that starts with letter M-Y


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