Thursday, 06 October 2016 00:00

Young leaders attend Leadership Camp

“You are the future leaders of the country”

Emphasized campus director, Ms. Elsie G. Ferrer, as she addressed student leaders of this campus in the Leadership Camp and Training Workshop for Student Leaders 2016 last September 30 – October 1.

The said event, organized by Mr. Sevedeo Malate’s engineering class, aimed to teach the principles of drafting official documents and the Parliamentary procedure in conducting meetings.

Ferrer pointed out that in line with the school’s vision to be the leading science high school in the Asia pacific region, it is essential that scholars be equipped with leadership skills.

“[We aim for the] development of well-rounded individuals.” she added.

In her speech, Ferrer discussed her own three points on leadership which include the following: taking a position, being a good leader, and practicing good leadership qualities.

“Leaders start at the bottom.” Ferrer further said as she highlighted that President Rodrigo Duterte, the current head of state, also started as an SK official.

Ferrer ended her speech saying, “Always think of your country because you are scholars.”

Lectures such as writing proposals and communication letters by Ms. Mylene O. Joaquin SST III, financial reports by campus Budget Officer, Ms. Janeth A. Adan and “Role of Leaders” by campus Executive Assistant I, Mr. Jesus C. Ortinero, were conducted on the first day.

Team building activities were introduced the next day, followed by SSD Chief Dr. Joy Melga Olazo’s lecture about writing meeting minutes, and Mr. Jay P. Bassig’s Parliamentary procedure and writing resolutions.

In the afternoon, the participants divided in four groups conducted a demo of a Parliamentary style of meeting tackling different issues regarding the school.

The seminar ended with Mr. Malate’s closing remarks commenting on the success of the event.